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What is Custom Website Development?

Custom website development involves creating a website that’s tailored to meet the demands of a specific business. There are 3 main approaches to custom website development:

  • Hand coding a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP – and any other languages needed. This approach is typically the most time consuming, complex and costly – but also delivers the most flexibility, since it involves ground-up development starting from a blank canvas.
  • Creating a website using tried-and-tested frameworks. This approach saves considerable time, since frameworks support many common, generic operations, and can be built upon to create a unique end product – without the need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Developing a website using a popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla – but customising the themes/templates and plugins/extensions to deliver unique visuals and functionality. This approach is cost effective, and is perfectly suited to clients whose needs are almost, but not quite, met by existing systems.

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Do I Need A Custom Website?

It’s possible to create high-quality, affordable websites without significant customisation – and we’re able to develop sites that blend aesthetic appeal and strong functionality using either WordPress or Joomla. But many companies have more advanced needs, and may require a custom website to deliver the unique experience their visitors expect, or to correctly support their business operations.

Here at nibbr, we develop both standard and customised websites. What’s more, we’re able to develop custom websites using any of the 3 approaches listed above. The breadth of our expertise means that you can be confident we’ll provide impartial advice, and recommend the solution that will work best for you – not simply the solution that we specialise in.

Custom Websites – A Summary of Benefits

  • Versatility

    A custom website is limitless in terms of functionality. By modifying or developing plugins and extensions, or by creating custom server-side scripts, we can create dynamic websites that deliver any functionality you could imagine.

  • Bloat Free

    WordPress and the other CMS’s come pre-loaded with many features that are never used by the majority of websites, but a custom website can be built using only what’s needed.

  • Uniqueness

    Certain themes and templates within popular web-builders and CMS’s are overused, leaving many websites with a generic feel. But a custom website is truly one of a kind and unique.

  • Security

    Many hackers target weaknesses within popular CMS’s like WordPress. A custom website can be developed with security at front of mind, and can avoid any high-risk features.

Our Custom Website Development Process

Project Planning

Developing a custom website is only worthwhile if we fully appreciate your requirements. To help us build a detailed understanding of the needs of your business, we’ll schedule a free consultation at the outset. We’ll use this opportunity to advise you on which approach is most suitable for your project – based on cost, time-frame and the quality of the finished outcome. Then we’ll provide a detailed quote for your consideration.

The Development Cycle

We’ll develop your custom website by following the agreed approach, using either raw code, frameworks, or by customising an existing CMS.  We use a virtual server for development, and we’ll make your website accessible to you through a development domain before we upload it to your own server.

Further Support

Many clients welcome the chance to build a longer-term relationship with our team. On top of offering a 30-day period to resolve any bugs, we can also support your business’ success by providing managed hosting for your new website. What’s more, the diversity of our experience means that we can develop any kind of server-side application, web appor mobile appto further enhance your business’ online presence.

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