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We bring websites to life with canvas and Fabric.js

What is Canvas?

Canvas adds exciting visual effects to modern websites. Just like a physical canvas, it provides a base to draw pictures on – whether logos, graphics or more detailed images. We can even step things up and create canvas animations or interactive functions for your visitors.

Canvas works dynamically, so instead of being saved as files on your server, images and animations can be created on the fly in the user’s web browser. To achieve this, we use the powerful JavaScript programming language to write a set of instructions that define shape, colour, size, movement; even interactivity.

Canvas unlocks some amazing possibilities for web developers – but it also has some limitations, and writing JavaScript for canvas can be very time consuming. Fabric.js solves these issues.

What is Fabric.js?

Fabric.js is a powerful library of JavaScript tools that adds much finer control to the canvas element. Fabric.js canvas developers also benefit from the convenience of having access to a powerful library; this makes developing code faster and more reliable, with less risk of errors. The result: Fewer headaches for us, and lower development costs for you.

Tell Me More!

We could – but we’d prefer to show you! We recently developed a website for UtterlyPrintable.com– an online retailer selling fully customisable cards and invitations. This website needed to allow users to make customisations and view the changes in real time. Fabric.js development was the obvious answer – and we believe the result speaks for itself!

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What are the Benefits of Canvas and Fabric.js?

  • A Visual Experience

    Text-based websites lack appeal, and modern internet users expect a richly visual online experience; canvas and Fabric.js support that.

  • Engaging Animations

    Canvas and Fabric.js can bring logos and graphics to life, adding engaging animation, without the need for GIFs or videos.

  • Powerful User Interactions

    Visitors to your site can control the appearance of elements on your page – perfect for special effects and interactive mock-ups!

  • Lean and Mean

    Canvas and Fabric.js leverage JavaScript – which runs within the user’s web browser instead of adding extra work for your server.

  • Full Compatibility

    The canvas feature isn’t an add-on – it’s an integral part of HTML5. That makes it compatible with any modern website.

  • Goodbye Flash!

    When it’s turbo-charged by Fabric.js, canvas is a viable replacement for Flash – a dated and increasingly unsupported web technology.

Our Fabric.js Development Services

We Consult

When you first approach us, we’ll offer you a consultation on a free, no-obligation basis. This is our chance to understand your needs and aims, and assess whether Fabric.js canvas development is the best way to achieve the functionality you need. At this stage, we’ll be happy to show you examples of our work and explain exactly the kind of user experience we can create.

We Develop

We’ll use canvas and the Fabric.js library to develop some lean, clean and high-performing code that will take your website to a new level. We can either integrate a new canvas element into your existing website, or build you a new website from scratch, with added canvas and Fabric.js functionality. We’ll use internet-connected development servers, so you can even view the work in progress, if required.

We Support

At Nibbr, our aim isn’t simply to develop great websites – but to support the long-term digital success of our clients. As well as thoroughly testing your new website’s functionality, we’ll help you launch it live to the internet. We can either upload it to your own server, or – if you prefer – you can choose our convenient website-hosting plans, and even take out a website-maintenance contract.

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