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What is Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful, capable and feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) that adds efficiency to the process of developing and maintaining websites. Joomla is the second-largest CMS globally (after WordPress) and currently powers over 2 million websites.

Joomla vs WordPress

As professional developers of both Joomla and WordPress websites, our clients often ask which is best for their needs. Both are highly capable CMS’s, but both have different strengths, and suit different projects.

WordPress was originally developed to support blogs – which are among the simplest of websites. The system has been extended hugely, and today powers sites of all sizes and levels of complexity. WordPress has always kept a focus on simplicity – but in certain cases, that emphasis may be viewed as a compromise.

If you’re looking for a solution that was developed from the ground up for more advanced websites, then Joomla may offer a better alternative. While it can support simple blogs and brochure sites, the CMS comes into its own for businesses that need an advanced system to meet more complex demands.

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What are the Advantages of Joomla?

  • Joomla is Fully Flexible

    The core functionality of Joomla is massively enhanced by a rich array of verified third-party extensions.

  • Joomla Supports Databases

    Joomla is the perfect choice for websites that need to integrate a database for information storage and retrieval.

  • Joomla is Open Source

    Joomla is developed as an open-source community project – meaning bugs are quickly spotted and fixed.

  • Joomla is Secure

    Joomla has a dedicated security team, with a track record of fixing weaknesses before they’re actually exploited.

  • Joomla is SEO Compliant

    Joomla makes creating clean code easy, and supports the addition of meta-data that can boost a site’s search position.

  • Joomla is Future Proof

    Joomla has the power to support you, even if your requirements change and your website needs to evolve.

Professional Joomla Development Services

Our team members bring together more than twenty years of website development experience – and through those years we’ve used Joomla to build an online presence for businesses of all sizes, and across all sectors.

Our diverse range of services also means that we can offer clear, impartial advice on whether a Joomla, WordPress or custom website will perform best for your business, and then develop the most appropriate solution.

Understanding Your Project

We begin every Joomla development project with a complimentary face-to-face or video-call consultation. We’ll use this to build a detailed picture of precisely the kind of website you need. Once we’re confident that we understand how best to achieve your aims, we’ll submit a detailed proposal, including a project quote, for your consideration.

Joomla Development

By using a range of customisable templates and extensions we’re able to develop Joomla websites that marry aesthetic appeal with powerful functionality. Our knowledge of server-side software development and databases means that we can consistently build high-performing websites that perform strongly, as well as looking the part.

Beyond Development

On completion of the development, we can support the launch of your new Joomla website. If you already have a hosting plan then we’ll upload your website to your own server, alternatively, we can support you further by providing a managed hosting package, with options for long-term maintenance and regular scheduled backups.

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