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What is Server-Side Software?

In basic terms, you can think of server-side software as a computer program that runs on a web server. Server-side software is mainly used to turn dull, static websites into engaging, feature-rich and dynamic websites – websites that respond to user interaction!

Server-side software enables features like contact forms, user registration, shopping carts, dynamic content presentation – and any other functionality beyond what a static HTML page can achieve. If your website uses databases (such as MySQL), then it’s server-side software that controls the on-demand storage and retrieval of that data. And, as well as powering dynamic websites, server-side software also enables web apps to function.

How Should I Integrate Server-Side Software?

If you’re aiming to extend the functionality of your website, then server-side software can support you.

Most popular website builders and content management systems include extensions or plugins that use off-the-shelf server-side software to perform set tasks, but many businesses need a more bespoke solution – one that’s matched to their individual needs and the configuration of their website or server…

That’s where professional server-side software development comes in.

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How Will My Website Benefit?

  • A Better User Experience

    Traditional websites were sufficient ten or twenty years ago, but simply don’t offer the rich, immersive experience that modern internet users expect. Dynamic websites powered by server-side software simply deliver more!

  • New Revenue Streams

    Service providers that rely on brochure sites to attract calls can boost conversions by integrating features like contact forms and online booking, while retailers can boost revenue by embracing ecommerce.

  • Superior Security

    A server-side script runs on your server, and can deliver personalised HTML for each visitor to your website. But the script itself is never exposed to the visitor, reducing the risk of a targeted hack.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

    Unlike client-side scripts (which run within the user’s web-browser), server-side scripts are run entirely on your own server, meaning they deliver a predictable experience for all visitors – whichever browser they use.

Our Development Process

At nibbr, we have upwards of 20 years of collective experience in developing server-side software, and we use a range of scripting languages depending on the unique demands of each project. When you work with us, you can be confident that our three-step process will support you, all the way from first contact, through to project completion and beyond…

Step 1: Project Assessment

By providing an initial consultation, we’re able to accurately assess your needs and expectations, and advise you on whether server-side software is the best way to accomplish whatever you have in mind. We’ll then put together a detailed project proposal and quote. Since many clients require software development alongside custom website development, we’re happy to create a comprehensive solution covering both aspects.

Step 2: Development

We take a detail-centric approach, and look carefully at how your software needs to integrate within your current server environment – and interact with your existing website and databases. Because we work with several scripting languages, including PHP, Python and Node.js, we’re able to develop solutions tailored to any circumstances.

Step 3: Implementation

Having developed your software, we can upload it to your server, or support you further by providing a comprehensive hosting package. Either way, we’ll carefully test the functionality of the software we’ve created, and we’ll give you a thirty-day window to report any bugs for repair.

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