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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful, popular and trusted Content Management System (CMS) that makes developing and maintaining modern websites more efficient. With WordPress in place, there’s no need to get your hands dirty by dealing with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – though the option still exists if a more customised websiteis required.

From Blogs to World Domination – The WordPress Story

WordPress started life in 2003. Back then, the internet was a less user-friendly place than it is today, and bloggers were searching for an easy-to-use system to support their simple, text-based websites. WordPress was created to meet that need.

Over the years, developers have pushed WordPress harder and harder – extending the system to support ever more advanced websites. Many of these developments have been made possible thanks to the powerful array of themes and plugins. These can be used to extend WordPress’ core visual style and functionality.

Themes work by applying a unified style which affects the appearance and user-interface, while plugins go much further and empower a range of extra functions. Some of the most popular plugins support features like contact forms, shopping carts and membership areas. There are already plugins out there for almost every function expected of a modern website, but WordPress is flexible and open-source, meaning that plugin developmentis a viable option for any business in need of something different.

All of this means that WordPress can support anything – from the simplest of brochure sites, through to the largest of ecommerce stores… Far from just being a tool to help bloggers, WordPress is now considered by many developers as the go-to solution for websites of every kind!

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Which Websites Use WordPress?

Worldwide, WordPress is indisputably the most popular CMS. The estimates vary, but most experts agree that WordPress powers over 60 million websites – including almost a third of the top 10 million websites active today.

What’s more, some of the world’s largest businesses trust WordPress. Microsoft uses the CMS to power its official blog, as well as further blogs specific to Windows and Skype. Other household names that use WordPress include Sony Music, MTV News, Bloomberg Professional and The New York Times.

How Will WordPress Help Me?

  • Browser-Based Management

    You can log in and modify your site from anywhere in the world via a web browser or the WordPress mobile app.

  • Avoid Code

    You can trust WordPress’ simple but powerful content editor to take care of all your site’s code or mark-up languages.

  • Multi-User Management

    With WordPress, it’s easy to assign access levels for different team members, based on what content they need to update.

  • Fully-Responsive Designs

    A fully-responsive WordPress website will work on all devices – mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  • SEO Friendly

    Google likes clean code, and content that carries the correct mark-up. WordPress makes it easy to maintain both.

  • Total Freedom

    Unlike Squarespace or Wix, WordPress is an open-source CMS that can be freely installed on your own server.

Our WordPress Website Development Services

Design and Functionality

We’ll provide you with a free consultation and no-obligation quote at the outset. At this stage we’re happy to advise you on what will work best for your business. We’ll also present you with mock-ups of the user interface for your new WordPress website before we progress with the development. This allows us, and you, to have complete confidence that we’re working towards the correct goal.

Themes & Plugins

The diverse range of WordPress themes means that it’s possible to style a site to suit any taste. If you need further refinements, we can support that too – by adding existing plugins, or performing WordPress Plugin Development, whereby we’ll create a plugin to meet the unique demands of your business. In this way, it’s possible to create a truly custom website, but one which is based on the proven fundamentals of the WordPress system.

On-Going Support

Developing effective WordPress websites is only the start of our service. We also know that websites need hosting – somewhere to ‘live’ on the web, maintenance – to stay fast, secure and up to date as technology changes, and regular backups – to avoid data loss. With all of this in mind, we offer on-going support plans to the businesses we work with.

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