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What are the Benefits of an Ecommerce Website?

An ecommerce website can hugely extend the reach of your business, and unlock your potential to sell to the global marketplace.

Once, it was enough to use a simple brochure site to attract extra footfall to your bricks ‘n’ mortar shop. Now, the modern consumer demands an enhanced experience – one where it’s possible to browse and buy online…

Only an effective, professionally developed ecommerce website can empower your business to meet that demand.

Why Choose Us?

Since our foundation in 2012, we’ve completed well over 300 projects for clients trading in all sectors. While our services are diverse, website development has always been at the very heart of what we do – in fact, you could think of it as the bread and butter of our business!

As well as having an encyclopaedic knowledge of every system we work with, we also have a well-developed understanding of aesthetic design, and a firm grasp on how to maximise conversions…

To put it simply, we develop websites that work effectively, look the part and sell!

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Ecommerce – Your Options

Here at nibbr, our team have all the knowledge and practical experience necessary to develop ecommerce websites that deliver a positive ROI for our clients. We work primarily with two of the leading ecommerce systems – Magento and WooCommerce, but our experience in the creation of custom websites means that we’re also able to work with a range of frameworks, or even raw code, to develop diverse ecommerce sites that suit businesses of all kinds.

Magento eCommerce Development


Magento is an open-source content management system which supports the development of new sites from scratch (though it’s also possible to migrate existing content). Magento is exceptionally flexible, and can either be installed on your own server, or used as part of a paid-hosting package.

Learn more about our Magento development services.

WooCommerce Web Development


Since its launch in 2011, WooCommerce has surged in popularity, and today powers even more websites than Magento. The two technologies are significantly different – in that Magento offers a stand-alone solution, while WooCommerce is a plugin that can be applied to new or existing WordPress websites.

Learn more about our WooCommerce development services.

Custom eCommerce Website Development

Custom eWebsites

Custom website development is an additional tool we have in our armoury, perfect for those occasions when a business needs something different. Our experience in this field enables us to offer a bespoke development service that can be based around existing technology or something completely unique.

Learn more about our custom website development services.

However we do it, you can be confident that any ecommerce website we develop will be elegant, feature rich and will deliver a modern, responsive online shopping experience for your customers.

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