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Native Android Application Development

We Develop an Incredible Range of Native Apps for Android

Mobile Apps – The Basics

A mobile application is simply a program developed to run on a smartphone, instead of a conventional computer. Of course, the reality is that modern smartphones are computers in miniature, and have the power to run capable, high-performing applications that can perform a diverse range of functions.

Forward-thinking modern businesses are tapping into the potential of mobile apps to develop closer bonds with their customers and build efficiency into their own operations.

Is Native Android App Development Best?

When using the services of a professional app developer, it’s important that you establish early on which kind of mobile app will deliver the best results for your business. Here at nibbr, we are experts in both hybrid app development, and native app development – meaning that we can offer clear, impartial advice on which approach best suits your needs.

Hybrid apps work across multiple devices – iOS, Android, and Windows Phones, while native apps are designed exclusively for one system. But what native apps lack in flexibility, they more than make up for in performance.

That’s because native apps can interact more directly with the system they’re installed on, and can access hardware resources more readily than hybrid apps. Native apps also typically run faster, and it’s easier to align the UI (User Interface) of a native app with that of the operating system.

If delivering the best possible experience for your users is key, then native mobile app development is the clear choice for your business. But sometimes, the choice is less clear cut, and each client we work with has different priorities for functionality, performance, visual appeal and financial economy.

Whatever your circumstances, we’re happy to walk you through the options for both native and hybrid app development, to support you in making the right decision.

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Why Should I Choose You?

  • Greater Control

    Our way of working puts you – the client – front and centre throughout the whole development process. And, while we’re happy to offer professional advice, we’ll never forget that the final decisions rest with you.

  • Diverse Functionality

    Our small but highly experienced team handle all projects in house. With a proven background in mobile app development, we’re perfectly placed to create apps that perform an endless array of functions.

  • Superior Performance

    Whatever features are included, smartphone users will judge your app first and foremost on performance. Even while integrating innovative functionality, our team never lose sight of that fact, and consistently deliver fast, reliable and secure apps.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    We understand the need for a clean, modern app interface, and place a significant focus on visual design, as well as practical development, to ensure that we create apps that not only perform superbly, but also look the part while doing it!

Our Android App Development Step by Step

Establishing the Brief

All of our services revolve around delivering unique solutions to perfectly fulfil our clients’ individual demands. To support that aim, we’ll first schedule a free consultation to discuss how best we can help you. For maximum clarity we’ll deliver user-interface designs and agree the full scope of the development work before that stage begins.

Active Development

Our team have a wealth of experience in the development of Android apps, and we use a range of frameworks to add efficiency to the process. Far from being just a ‘shortcut’, frameworks actually support a superior standard of development, by allowing us to integrate rigorously tested code to power generic functions, while dedicating more of our time to the development of features that need to be unique.

App Launch

Because we establish a clear brief upfront, and maintain client contact throughout the process, you’ll have a full understanding of what to expect from your new Android app. We’ll also give you the option of trialling your new app prior to launch, and we offer a 30-day support window after launch – just in case any bug fixing is required. From start to finish, our whole process is designed to give you, the client, total peace of mind.

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