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We Develop High-Performing iOS Applications for Modern Businesses

Why Develop a Native iOS App?

If you need to offer your customers a simple, secure and streamlined way to connect with your business, buy your products or use your services, then a mobile app is the perfect solution. Equally, a mobile app can also support operations within your business, and communication between members of your team.

At nibbr, we can meet every need our clients have, by developing both hybrid apps– which can run on any mobile device, and native apps – which we develop specifically for either iOS or Android devices.

Of the two, native apps usually deliver the best user experience. That’s because a native iOS app has a direct link to the hardware of the iPhone or iPad it’s installed on, and is easier to integrate seamlessly into the system environment – giving the feel that it belongs naturally on that device. A native iOS app will also deliver the best speed and smoothest performance possible.

For these reasons, native apps often represent the best choice for businesses that are willing to invest in separate development for both Apple and Android users, or for businesses that know in advance that their app will only need to be used on one system or the other.

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How Will an iOS App Benefit My Business?

  • An Alternative to Your Website

    A professionally developed iOS app allows you to present your customers with a faster, simpler way to interact with your business.

  • Encouraging Loyalty

    The act of installing an app encourages a deeper sense of loyalty to a business than just visiting a website, and can lead to extra revenue.

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

    Mobile apps help businesses enhance their brand awareness, maintain their visibility and keep pace with rivals in competitive markets.

  • Reputational Gains

    Having a professionally developed app shows that you’re willing to invest in your business, and care about optimising the customer experience.

  • Team Communication

    Mobile apps aren’t only for customers – and we regularly develop apps that support efficient communication and data sharing within teams.

  • Work on the Go

    Professionals are moving away from cumbersome laptops, and embracing mobile apps as a way to stay productive while on the go.

How We Work

When you choose us to develop an iOS app, you can be confident that you’re working with experts who will deliver a solution that’s built for performance, reliability, aesthetic appeal and security. Our process is based around 3 core aims:

Understanding Your Needs

We place a high priority on communication. We’ll begin with an initial consultation, then provide user-interface designs for approval. Once you’ve agreed to our quote, and signed up to a detailed project proposal, we’ll progress to the development stage. You can be confident that we’ll stay in regular contact, to ensure you have meaningful input right throughout the process.

High-Quality Development

Rest assured, we’re comfortable working with businesses and organisations both large and small, to develop mobile apps that fulfil an incredibly diverse range of requirements. By leveraging more than a decade of collective app development experience, our team is able to deliver the very best results for every client we work with.

Flexible Support Options

We have confidence in the quality of the apps that we develop – but we also understand the importance of field testing. That’s why we’ll offer you an assessment period, designed to allow you to trial your new app and request any modifications before launch. We’ll even back this up with a 30-day support period after launch, when we’ll perform free bug fixing in the unlikely event of there being issues as a result of our error.

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