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Thank you for taking the time to consider Nibbr as your web development, mobile development or server-side software development team. Below are a few of our clients that we work with the most.

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of all of our clients , we would be keeping you here all day if we listed them all! If you would like more examples of our clientele please contact us here.

We Buy Any House

We Buy Any House is a known name in the property industry and we work with the company to develop and maintain their in-house property management software, or CRM. The software is entirely bespoke.

The CRM we develop and maintain for We Buy Any House is based on the open source framework Symfony for the data management and back-end server tasks and Angular for the front-end user system. Both the back and front-end speak to each other over a secure http connection; almost like how an api works as it allows the front end to operate even if the back-end is having issues by caching previous data in the browser. The system also uses a variety of technologies to operate aspects of the system such as docx manipulation and pdf generation as well as a number of data API service integrations.

We Buy Any House
web development for utterly printable

Utterly Printable

We have worked on-going with Utterly Printable since 2017 to develop their company website from the ground up. Utterly Printable was a challenging project and continues to be as we develop new features and improvements for our client.

The Utterly Printable website is based on WooCommerce with a great deal of customisation to enable their product design process to work efficiently. The site has server-side software that imports their products from a CSV spreadsheet, it also reads designs made in Photoshop and converts them automatically to a product designer-friendly version. The designer itself is built using the fabric.js canvas library which we have also heavily customised to improve on its basic text and image editing features.

Smart School Websites

Smart School Websites is one of our longest standing clients. We’ve worked with Smart School for over 7 years providing our development expertise as outsourced development work.

The name says it all; they provide website design for the education sector and we provide our in-depth, long-standing experience in the technical side of creating WordPress based websites, mobile apps and server-side software on a daily basis.

web development for smart school websites
web development for inspirar

Inspirar Business Support

Inspirar are another long-standing client, we’ve worked with Inspirar for over 7 years assisting them with the technical aspects of web and mobile development.

Inspirar are primarily a web design company who outsource the technical development aspects to us as well as providing general business support to their clients as well video editing services. Again, inspirer focus primarily on the education market creating website designs for schools and colleges while we develop the technical side.


Cord-Ex are a company that provide safe instrumentation for workers operating in highly volatile areas. The company develops cameras and camera phones that are designed from the ground up to operate without producing sparks or excess heat.

We work with Cordex on a number of different projects including web development , mobile development (specifically Android) and server based software to help with the internal workings of the business – getting rid of the old age spreadsheet approach to data tracking.

We also provide hosting services for Cord-Ex and maintain their websites as well as keeping backups via Amazon S3.

web development for cordex
web development for candesco


Candesco are another long-standing client of ours. We have worked with Candesco for around 5 years assisting with the technical aspects of their web design business. We’ve worked with Candesco to develop a wide range of custom websites and applications from different industries.

Craven Maths

Craven Maths is something a little different that we developed on WordPress with custom plugins. The site isn’t publicly accessible, it was developed for a maths teacher at a UK school who was looking for a way to teach his students in a more interactive way.

The site includes a custom built import program allowing the owner to simply upload CSV documents of his questions and answer data and the website does the rest!

web development for craven maths
web development for quickerprint

Quicker Print

We developed the Quicker Print website a number of years ago and it’s still holding up strong to this day. The site is very similar to Utterly Printable in that we developed a custom product designer using the fabric.js library.

The site is a number of years old now and hence it’s not considered responsive and is a little out of date, but it still works and we will hopefully re-develop it in the future to a more modern standard.

Quicker Print is another example of how easily we can customise the functionality of WooCommerce to suit your business offerings.

Flower and Farmer

Flower and Farmer are a Hertfordshire based company who professional grow and deliver flower bouquets. We developed this website as a basic e-commerce site with WooCommerce and a few smaller customisations and plugins. We will be working with Flower and Farmer again in the near future!

web development for flower and farmer

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