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The Advantages of Outsourcing Website Development

Whether you’re developing a website from scratch, or revamping your existing site, you need to choose whether to hire a professional website developer, or handle the development yourself. In this guide, we look at the advantages of outsourcing website development.

Should I Hire a Website Developer?

It’s best to make an honest assessment of your own skillset, right at the outset. 4 key questions include:

  1. Do I have a clear idea of the kind of website I need – and the technology that will be used to develop it?
  2. Do I have experience working with web technologies, including content management systems and server-side software?
  3. Am I able to ensure that my website will be secure, up to date and reliable?
  4. Can I provide a sleek, appealing aesthetic that’s right for my target market?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to each of these questions, then you’re well placed to develop your own website. Otherwise, outsourcing your website development will offer significant advantages.

The Advantages of Hiring a Web Developer

Development Advice

The best professional website developers start a project with a comprehensive needs assessment. This offers an opportunity to understand the project’s scope, and the unique demands of the client’s business.

A key decision is which CMS is best for your business’ website. Popular options include WordPress websites and Joomla websites, while some businesses need to have ecommerce capabilities built in. Again, a professional website developer is best placed to make the correct judgement.

Time-Saving Benefits

Website development can be time consuming. It can take a professional developer many hours of work to develop a website from scratch. For amateur developers, the time needed increases hugely.

As a business owner, it’s easy to feel that outsourcing website development is an unnecessary cost. But that cost needs to be weighed against the time required to handle the development yourself. It’s also worth looking beyond the website development; if you face a learning-curve before you can even tackle the work, then that will add a greater time-based overhead.

Development Expertise

Superior website-development expertise is one of the key advantages of hiring a professional website developer.

Even ‘easy-to-use’ content management systems have hidden layers of complexity. WordPress ranks among the simplest of CMS’s, but it’s still common to find WordPress websites that include glaring errors in the mark-up language. These errors can impact the way pages are displayed or ranked by Google, and even affect the security of the site. Unless you work with these systems day-in, day-out, it’s easy to make significant mistakes.

A Better End Product

There’s more to effective development than simply avoiding errors. One of the primary advantages of outsourcing website development is the higher-quality end product that typically results.

The best websites bring together appealing designs, lean code, an intuitive user interface and a degree of interactivity. Taken together, these factors have the power to increase engagement, boost conversions, enhance customer retention and contribute to your wider brand development. With so much at stake, most business owners view the funds invested in web development as money well spent.

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