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Which is the Best CMS for a Small Business in 2019?

When it comes to developing a website, small-business owners face a confusing array of choices. One of the most important is which CMS (or Content Management System) to use. In this guide, we’ll start by explaining how a CMS works, then we’ll look at which CMS is best for a small business in 2019.

How Does a CMS Work?

In laymen’s terms, a content management system is a form of software that’s installed on your server. Installing a CMS makes it easier to develop your site, maintain it and add content.

Website Development

All the best CMS’s include powerful web-development features, including a user-friendly interface that ‘sits between’ the web developer and the mark-up language or code used to build the site. By choosing an effective content management system, the developer can reduce the need to actually write code, since the CMS will generate it automatically.

Website Maintenance

Installing software on your server presents a potential security risk. Over time, bugs may be found and exploited by hackers. Content management systems are constantly updated to mitigate this threat. They should also support a user-friendly update process, so individual websites can be kept up to spec.

Content Additions

Any good CMS will support simple content addition and modification. Added to that, the CMS should ideally apply the right mark-up, to ensure your content is intelligible to the search engines and renders correctly in browsers.

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal – 2019

Three of the most popular CMS’s are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. All 3 have some points in common – but some significant differences.

WordPress – The World’s Go-To CMS

If we’d called this blog post ‘Which is the world’s most popular CMS’, we could have finished writing and gone home by now! WordPress is unquestionably the winner in the popularity stakes.

Its feature set is powerful and varied; if you’ve worked with the basic website builders that big-name hosting companies provide, then WordPress represents the next step up the ladder. Many people view WordPress as the best CMS for small businesses. Provided your needs aren’t especially complex, they’re probably right.

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Joomla – Built for Businesses

One weakness of WordPress lies in the fact that it wasn’t originally developed for business websites. The CMS was first created to give writers a simple way of building blogs, but most blogs are inherently simple, with text-based content and limited interactivity.

If you’re looking to develop a more advanced website, then WordPress remains an option – the CMS has been heavily developed over the last 16 years to support various types of website. Even so, there are many developers who view Joomla as a superior alternative; one that was created specifically to support more dynamic sites.

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Drupal – Power and Complexity

Drupal takes us still higher up the ladder in terms of power – but with that extra power comes extra complexity. This compromise lies at the heart of the decision each small-business owner needs to make.

So, is Drupal a good CMS for small businesses? Typically, we would suggest that it’s not. The most advanced websites may benefit from its power, but for most small-business sites, Drupal represents a step too far.

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Which CMS Should I Choose for My Business Website?

It’s difficult to define the ‘best’ CMS for a small business. Each business has varied needs, and a CMS must be chosen on a case-by-case basis. By working with a web-development company, you can access the expert support and advice needed to make the best choice.

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